Bay Area Hospital Expansion and Modernization Project

Community Forum & Sneak Preview

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bay Area Hospital Myrtle Room

Business Community – 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Public Preview – 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Light refreshments will be provided



Bay Area Hospital Health District located in Coos Bay, Oregon is proceeding with its 98,000 square foot expansion project and would like to provide the community with a sneak preview.  The architects from ZGF located in Portland, Oregon will be presenting the current plans.  The community will have the opportunity to view a power point

presentation, the architectural drawings, renderings of the building project and a three dimensional model. for their information and input.


The first phase of the project will involve a 98,000 square foot four level expansion including a new critical care unit, a new 30 bed medical surgical unit and a new outpatient area. The addition will be located to the north end of the current building and it is anticipated that the new lobby and main entrance will now be visible from Thompson Road.


As the regional Medical Center for Oregon’s South Coast, it is important for the hospital to continue to update the facility to carry out their mission.  A planning group several months ago determined some critical issues that needed to be addressed.  These include intensive care unit space; private rooms, although not a standard, hospitals throughout the country are converting to private rooms to address infection control issues, privacy concerns and patient safety.


Bay Area Hospital is currently in its final planning and design phase and has identified a general contractor for the project.  After the new addition is complete a second phase will convert all of the semiprivate rooms currently in use to private rooms.  This renovation transforms the current 16 bed nursing units to 10 bed units.  Bay Area Hospital currently operates at 128 beds.  Following the expansion we will have 136 beds.


It is estimated that the cost of the expansion is approximately $39 million dollars.  It is planned that the hospital will use $18 million in funding from reserves, with $18 million borrowed and an additional $3 million from fundraising efforts from grants and the local community.


It is important to note that Bay Area Hospital Health District does not receive any funding currently from property tax payments to Coos County and does not plan to levy any for this project.


For Information:  Contact Barbara Bauder – 269-8543

Bay Area Hospital, Director of BAH Foundation & Community Relations

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