Year End giving key to helping Oregonians prosper, 75% Oregon tax credit available
Neighborhood Partnerships works to create pathways to opportunity for hardworking Oregonians through the Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative.   This innovative program helps address poverty and unemployment, an example of Oregon’s ingenuity and pioneering spirit. More than 1,600 Oregonians have improved their lives and communities through an effective partnership between charitable givers, non-profit and economic development organizations, and the State of Oregon in every corner of the state.  Charitable donations to this program have the added incentive of qualifying for a 75% Tax Credit in Oregon.  As donors look at their year-end giving, we invite charitable contributors to be part of the exciting partnership that is changing lives and improving the well being of our neighborhoods and communities.  For more information or to donate go to http://ida.neighborhoodpartnerships.org.  Here’s how it works: Hardworking low-income individuals who want to take charge of their futures can enroll in the IDA program, be trained and coached by local experts as they learn new skills, make plans for the future, and take steps to reach their goals. When they’ve reached their savings goals, their savings will be matched to create the investment they need to start new businesses, purchase their first home, and open up more career opportunities by advancing their education.  For charitable givers, it is easy and convenient to make a contribution and 75% of their gift comes back as an Oregon IDA Tax Credit. Contributions create a pool to match savings for program participants.  The program is also very efficient.  More than 95% of the donations received go directly to IDA program participants to help them learn the financial skills they need to earn more, live better and add new vitality to Oregon’s economy.

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