Stocking up for the big one
Residents along the Oregon Coast have been advised to stock up on emergency food and water supplies, batteries and other items in preparation of an expected earthquake and tsunami.  Some heeded the warning.  Others are on a wait and see approach.  However, geology experts say the cycle of major quakes along a fault line that runs parallel with the Oregon Coast occurs on the average every 300 years.  The Cascadia Subduction Zone is past due.  The last major quake took place in January of 1700.  On the North Oregon Coast, the City of Cannon Beach has gone a step further and offered residents space to store their supplies in one of two forest-green 20-foot long shipping containers that have been placed on city-owned stable property outside of the Tsunami Inundation Zone.  About 60 people have taken the city up on its offer.  The containers will be open for storage beginning Oct. 18.  Twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, they will be opened to allow those participating to update their supplies.

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