Counties honor House co-speakers at reception
The first co-speakers of the Oregon House in state history, Republican Bruce Hanna of Roseburg and Democrat Arnie Roblan of Coos Bay, were honored at a reception by the Association of Oregon Counties.  She showed a chart that depicted the intersection of county and state services — AOC’s version of the “red zone.”  Roblan: “It isn’t always easy to get along, and counties know that as well as cities. They don’t always see eye to eye about how they want to do things, and how we work with the counties to provide services. I think there are a lot of us here who have a bent toward local service … understanding that most of our citizens really recognize that services they receive from counties and cities are the ones that are most direct. Our job is to figure out the state’s stuff, but let you do what you need to do in your counties. I’m proud of the things we’ve worked on and done together to make those things happen… It’s going to bittersweet when it’s all over, because this is a rare opportunity to do some things together and move forward.”  Roblan referred to the Legislature’s Task Force on County Payments, which has recommended steps counties can take to consolidate services and save money if federal forest payments are not renewed or are revived on a declining scale. Both Hanna (Douglas County) and Roblan (Coos County) represent counties dependent on federal forests.  The Co-Speakers are recognized for their collaborative leadership of the Oregon House of Representatives during difficult times.  "The Co-Speakers have done an outstanding job of ensuring the delivery of vital public services to Oregonians," AOC Executive Director Mike McArthur said.  "They have also worked tirelessly to strengthen the partnership of the state and Oregon counties."

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